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Maintenance Services


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Welcome to Pat White Automotive Air Conditioning.

We offer a comprehensive, professional service repairing air conditioning systems in all vehicles at a time and location that suits you. With nearly 20 years air conditioning experience and nearly 40 years mechanical experience, our trained technicians will guarantee to sort your problem at a time and location that suits you whether that’s day time, evening time, week days or weekends.

Based in West Limerick, we mainly service customers in Limerick, Clare, Cork and Kerry but also provide a Nationwide service when our customers require it. This is especially important if you are experiencing a complex issue with your air conditioning system which has proven difficult for others to fix. Over nearly 20 years in business, we have never failed to fix any issue any of our customer have.

Why Choose Us

Fault Finding

Our ability to quickly analyse and accurately pinpoint problems in air conditioning and advanced climate control systems is well known and respected. 


We always maintain a range of parts and components in stock to enable us to, in many cases, complete a repair within one visit.

Mobile Service

Schedule a mobile service where we can bring all the necessary equipment, tools and parts to provide service.


Car Aircon

With nearly 20 years air conditioning experience, we can repair and service air conditioning on the full range of cars

Van Aircon

We provide van air conditioning services to individual drivers, delivery companies and garages

Plant & Machinery Aircon

We use state of the art equipment ensuring only the appropriate amount of gas is used to service your machines

Truck Aircon

With nearly 40 years air conditioning experience, we repair and service air conditioning in all types of trucks


To ensure we can repair or service your vehicles as quickly as possible, we stock a comprehensive range of spare parts

Tractor Aircon

With nearly 40 years mechanical experience repairing, we are well placed to identify issues elsewhere in your tractor


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Custom Solutions

Having performed a large number of bespoke installations across a wide range of vehicles we can assess and provide options, where appropriate, for completely bespoke air conditioning systems.

Whilst these systems require a reasonable investment and are usually scheduled for the quieter times of the year, they can completely transform the comfort when driving these vehicles. Please phone us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Always Professional.
Always Thorough.

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40 Years of Valuable Experience